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About the Aplication

VirtualMedica Cloud Meeting Manager are a set of specific applications to cover the needs of the different aspects of a congress that are related to each other, thus allowing an dynamic & intuitive interaction optimizing times and processes.

Basically we find these applications grouped into two main groups, one for Backend where the organization of the event takes place and one for Frontend where attendees can participate in it.

virtualMedica provides its services in the cloud and the organizers will have access through it to prepare everything inherent to the development of the event

Especially friendly interfaces for the faculty and participants are highlighted, promoting an easy development of the event.



All the virtualMedica components share the information among themselves in cloud mode information, achieving a very dynamic event scheduling backend and avoiding the redundant load of information.


virtualMedica responds to the most advanced software coding standards, allowing its indistinct application in devices of the most varied technology, computers, tablets and smartphones.


The virtualMedica servers have cluster technology which allows their automatic switch during the event, as well as the streaming providers, certified with the maximum capacity for online transmission.

onLine Modules

Meeting Dashboard Organize
Send your works
Faculty Access
Grants administration & event registration
Exhibit dashboard access
Meeting frontend access

meetingPlanner APP

All the modules described above, dump their information in the APP meetingPlanner, which allows an exhaustive follow-up with an interactive program of the event, with the important particularity of its offline operation.
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